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The Role of a Stager

Over the past 11 years as a Stager I have found that the role of a Stager varies according to the client's needs.

To a Realtor, we are a team member, a second opinion or a fresh approach.

To a Seller, we are an objective observer, an independent opinion on an issue or a source of ideas.

A Stager's main role is to market your home.

The basic principles of Staging are applied in the best way possible for that particular home. A plan specific to that home is put together to showcase the features.

As a Stager:

I have found my self in the role of a mediator. This can put me between a wife and husband who are arguing over how to proceed. They need an independent opinion to decide.

I have been asked to deliver negative information about the seller's home for the Realtor. This allows the Realtor to remain positive about the sale.

I have helped Sellers decide where to spend their budget for best ROI.

I have helped my clients choose a color palette for the wall or carried the color story through the house with accents so that the house flows.

I have educated my clients about how buyers will look at their home.

I have helped clients maximize the best features of their home.

I show the Sellers how to minimize the negatives of their home. The best way is to show the Buyer how to live with the negative comfortably.

But most of all as a Stager, I am a problem solver. That's my job, to solve the presentation issues that Sellers and Realtors may have with a home.

Yes, that's me.... problem solver, buffer, eyes of a buyer, tie breaker .... Burlington Stager.